Personalised balloons are used for special occasions. Weddings, birthdays, company open days and new brands. "Get balloons printed" offer balloon printing on latex balloons from quantities of 25 upwards. They supply printing in one colour. Produced from company logos, words and a range of templates to re-word. Latex balloon printing uses a screen print method. Logos and designs are transformed to the screen to produce a single colour screen stencil. The stencil is placed onto the balloon and ink passed across the screen stencil through to the balloon to create a print. The ink is assisted through the stencil using a squeegee similar to those used by a window cleaner to swipe wet windows clean. The squeegee is passed across the stencil two or three times to force ink onto the balloon creating the required print.


"Get balloons printed" offer exclusive balloon printing products. Large number balloon printing products are produced in-house by the company and offer a personalised name repeated over the front of a large silver numbered balloon. GBP also offer coloured foil balloons with a white polka dot / spotted balloon design. These can be balloon printed with a three to six worded phrase. Typical personalised examples include “Happy Birthday Noah" and “Welcome Amelia to our World".


"Get balloons printed" have been part of the balloon and party industry since 2003. Originally running a helium balloons decoration and printed balloon service in Coventry. From 2005 until 2014 they were called “important occasions". An online service for balloon printing and balloon decoration. Alongside this they ran a children's party organiser service from 2003 until 2010. This company specialised in decoration and party organising for children. This business was called "Small important people" and was known across Coventry and Birmingham. Personalised products was featured in all their services including printed balloons. The children's party services also included the popular infletters. These were inflatable letters that could be strung together to spell names. A very easy way to personalise any party.


There are many balloon printing companies across the UK and the world. "Get balloons printed" tried to be slightly different than the rest. Before 2010 they were the only company selling balloon printing products on-line. After 2009 they brought balloon websites specialised for the smartphone. In 2016 they started to do something different offering exclusive products and services to a different market. They Source balloons direct from the supplier in china. They print from a small unit in Birmingham offering quick turn around on small print runs on popular balloon products. They website is run in-house website cutting down costs heavily. All this adds up to their main USP. The UK's cheapest small run balloon printing service.

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